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Sirmouri Digital

Sirmouri Digital is an online space that has been started by highly qualified professionals having immense experience in digital marketing. The company deals in different verticals related to Voucher/Coupons, B2C marketing and travel sites. This Digital space provides services such as Affiliate Marketing, Pay per Click, Web Development and SEO. We thrive to develop innovative programs for our customers and provide them with best platform to enhance their businesses. We focus on data-driven strategies to initiate Marketing campaigns and make efforts to achieve proven results and best possible ROI. Our clients can always sell their products in the smartest way and with high performance guarantee, through the way we market them.

Sirmouri Mobile

Being on the run is the norm of today’s way of living. Considering this fact, Sirmouri Mobile brings the online advertising to the fingertips of the clients. This online mobile platform provides service such as Publisher, where the content is created to appeal to the customers in a way that it provides best possible return per user. Other services that are provided include Programmatic Buying which provides a medium for the clients to know the demands of the consumers and introduces their products and services to the customers. The mobile platform also provides the space to the clients to advertise themselves and make their presence felt in the digital market. The methods adopted by us help you to reach your customers on the go which helps you grow your business by leaps and bounds.

Sirmouri Global Services

Going digital is the latest fad among the business professionals and we completely synchronise with the trending methods of marketing. Sirmouri Global Services provides a wide range of online services such as affiliate marketing, publishing, and advertising across several digital platforms of desktops and mobiles. The services provided by Sirmouri Global Services help the publishers to attract maximum traffic for their sites which helps them promote their products and services to a larger target audience. The advertisers also get access to a leading and popular online space to increase their marketing outreach and convert their promotions and advertising into prominent sales. We undertake these services to popularise your presence across the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, that matter the most in the digital world.

Sirmouri Solar

Turning to the alternative and renewable sources of energy is gaining increased importance in the energy sector due to the realisation about the catastrophic effects that the non-renewable sources of energy can have on the world and the environment. Sirmouri Solar has turned to solar forms of energy to help the society in a sustainable way towards generating the energy. Established in 2007, Sirmouri Solar successfully serves various sectors like schools, houses and businesses in the region of Delhi/NCR including those of Noida, Faridabad, Gurugram and Delhi, by commissioning solar equipment ranging from 1kW to 1MW. Sirmouri Solar provides services in solar power plants, solar heaters, solar street lights and Solar panels. Sirmouri Solar provides the customers with all the services like project management, after sales service and consultation regarding the solar setup.

Business & Market Research

Cogbiz is a platform for clients looking for high quality business and market research services. At Cogbiz, we provide our clients with content that is backed by strong research and analysis. There is a strong emphasis on not making the content repetitive and uni-dimensional, so that the readers get access to unique content every time they receive a service from Cogbiz. You can count on Cogbiz for the best content and research services in the industry. With Cogbiz, you can have the most preferred and trusted long-term partner in creating and serving high-end research and content needs.

HR/Background Check

In a world that is constantly on the run and lacks time to even prevent the defaulters from latching on to some loop holes in the working of various organizations, there is a significant need for a platform that provides the organizations and individuals with services like background checks and verification of the concerned entities. We bring this service to you in the form of Background Check.
Background Check is an online service space designed for the companies HRs and businesses to undertake background checks so that there are no discrepancies in the information provided to the client by the information provider. It provides services like Employment Check, Education Check, Criminal Record Check and Database Check for the employers. For businesses, it provides services like Retail Outlet Screening, Vendor Screening and Franchise Screening. Background Check realises the need to eliminate any dangers to the companies that may be there due to discrepancy in the information provided.

Sirmouri Organics

People have started realizing the importance of organically grown and manufactured products and the benefits they bring to their health, improving the life expectancy. Sirmouri Organics bring a wide range of organic products that have been extracted from the plants and herbs present in even the most distant parts of India, grown and processed in the most natural way possible. The vision of Sirmouri Organics is to raise social awareness towards the need of organic products through the kind of businesses we deal in. It gives rise to a holistic form of sustainable development so that an environment is created that promotes the growth of organic products keeping the environment and the consumers healthy.

Aananayaa Foundation

Aananayaa Foundation tries to make a difference in the world. The Foundation is an organization established to serve the society, contributing in every way we can. Aananayaa Foundation thrives to provide education to children who are deprived of the opportunity to get access to quality education.
At Aananayaa, we also try to focus on providing shelter to the homeless and the needy people including setting up old age homes for people who are not able to take care of themselves anymore. Aananayaa Foundation takes up the cause of maintaining proper hygiene by undertaking cleaning programs and initiatives throughout India. We at Aananayaa, try to do all things that can be done in all ways possible for the people we live with and the ones with live around. We hope for a world without sufferings and are determined to achieve one.